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    New Company Set-up

    Guidance for starting a new company in Saudi Arabia.

    Planning to start a new company in Saudi Arabia is well-received in the country because the country’s business opportunities are quite favourable. However, there are some legalities involved in the process which can only be handled by experts like HelpXpats. We have specialists in every business niche, and can provide you with the right guidance when needed. If you are looking for company formation consultants in Saudi Arabia, then we are there for you.

    Assistance with company incorporation, registration, and setup.

    Right from finding the right space for your office to hiring new staff and getting all the utilities all fixed up, we will go through every detail with care. Save time and money on company incorporation, registration and setup through our guidance. This is what makes us one of the top business setup companies in Saudi Arabia.

    Our work is all encompassing - preparing the company incorporation documentation, registering with the ministry of investment of Saudi Arabia, selecting the business premises, setting up a corporate bank account and so on. We will complete all the legalities involved in getting a business licence so you can start the company without any friction.

    Complete Procedure for a Company Formation in KSA

    Embarking on the journey of organizing an enterprise in Saudi Arabia needs meticulous planning and expert guidance. As your dedicated company formation consultants in Saudi Arabia, HelpXpat offers a complete process to make your business setup in Saudi Arabia seamless and efficient.

    The system of enterprise formation in Saudi Arabia involves numerous key steps:

    • Business Activity Definition: Clearly define the nature of your business activity, a crucial factor influencing the selection of legal entity.
    • Legal Entity Selection: Choose the most appropriate legal entity for your business, options include Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Joint Stock Companies, and Branches of Foreign Companies.
    • Business Name Reservation: Reserve a unique name for your company, ensuring it aligns with your business goals and adheres to regulatory guidelines.
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA): Draft the MOA, detailing your company’s targets, share capital, and operational guidelines.
    • License Acquisition: Obtain the necessary licenses from relevant authorities based on your business activity.
    • Ministry of Commerce Registration: Submit your documents to the Ministry of Commerce for official registration of your business.
    • Corporate Bank Account Opening: Establish a corporate bank account for your business transactions.
    • Additional Approvals: Depending to your business area, additional approvals can be required from specialized regulatory bodies.

    HelpXpat ensures that every of these steps is executed efficiently, navigating the regulatory landscape to simplify a smooth company formation process.

    Main forms of Legal Entities in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia offers various legal entities catering to different business needs:

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC): Suitable for small or medium sized business offering flexibility and limited liability for shareholders.
    • Joint Stock Company (JSC): Designed for bigger firms with publicly traded shares, providing improved capital-raising opportunities.
    • Branch of Foreign Company: It allows foreign firms to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia without requiring a local associate.

    Business Setup Requirements and Time period

    The specific requirements for business setup companies in Saudi Arabia differs based on the chosen legal entity and the nature of your company. Fortunately, HelpXpat handles everything, including compliance and documentation, guaranteeing a seamless and effective approach. The process of forming a company usually takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on your business's intricacy and the required regulatory approvals.

    Why to Setup a Business in Saudi Arabia?

    • Strategic Location: Saudi Arabia offers you an amazing platform for companies who want to expand into global markets.
    • Robust Economy: Saudi Arabia’s economy boats of a strong and resilient economy, with emphasis on industries such as energy, technology, and infrastructure.
    • Government Initiatives: The Saudi government's ambitious Vision 2030 plan encourages innovation, economic diversification, and a climate that is conducive to business.

    Why Helpxpat for your entire Company Formation process?

    • Expertise and Experience: HelpXpat has a team of seasoned specialists that offers comprehensive understanding of Saudi Arabia. This guarantees exact assistance during the company formation process.
    • Customized Solutions: HelpXpat is aware of how unique every company is. That’s why we customize our services as per your company's unique requirements and goals.
    • Simplified Process: We minimize delays and guarantee a quick completion of the complete company formation process to get your business up and running as soon as possible.
    • Complete Support: We offer complete support, that extends beyond paperwork and registration. This includes assistance with licensing, obtaining a visa, and continuous compliance services.
    • Customer-Centric Approach: We put the satisfaction of our customers first. That’s why we provide outstanding customer assistance to guarantee a happy and successful business setup process.